Blog post assignment 1

As I am reading the Halpern’s article, the topics that she touches on really did sum up the concept of feminist standpoint and science communications. It touched on how important it is to not just look at one perspective but multiple perspectives in science. Also, she touched on how multiple perspectives can help to get a better understanding of science well in regard to science communication. Not to mention, she goes into the value of other standpoints in science. Overall, this article just gives a raw construct of why it’s important to have multiple sources of the science before making a decision.

One of the main reasons why scientist run into so many errors in science because they believe that their opinion is the only valid opinion. When in reality you need more insight on what you’er researching, it’s just like an experiment you take multiple trials before you finally come to a conclusion. But not all scientist thinks the same which is a good thing. According to the article, “I want to suggest that embracing perspective can also change the way we think about science communication — because it changes not only how we understand the science we are communicating” (Halpern 2019). I honestly can agree with this statement because you get the multiple perspective you can properly execute your science proposal not just to the professional but the people who are not in the science field.

So that’s when the standpoint theory comes in and talks about how different groups can contribute to science because they see something that the scientist does seen. I thought of middle and poor class people because we are the ones who are suffering more than the upper class people. Even famous people are a valuable asset because before they got famous they know how much hard work it takes to live without the proper resources needed. Based on the article, “Each oppressed group can learn to identify its distinctive opportunities to turn an oppressive feature of the group’s conditions into a source of critical insight about how the dominant society thinks and is structured” (Harding 2003). To elaborate off the quote it talks about the important of get multiple perspectives from groups that are normally not in included in scientific research.

The feminist standpoint theory is really a way of making sure that you look all different directions before making a solid decision. Even though scientists are the in higher power and they were trained to know how to make decisions for the good of the people but that doesn’t mean that you should turn away the people’s perspective completely. The article also states, “As experts, science communicators are often in positions of privilege and power; however, if, as Lewenstein suggests in his contribution to this collection of commentaries, science communication has become predominantly a field populated with women, many of us also have valuable standpoint perspectives to share” (Halpern 2019). If scientist decided to give the people a voice to be heard I’m pretty sure that the decision making process would be more effective and easier to make.